Diet for Stress Relief

Some think of diet only when trying to lose weight, but you should also know that diet is very useful stress management technique that can help our stress relief efforts. If you wonder how can a diet help me to reduce my stress, read on and I will explain it to you shortly. First let me tell you a thing, as you have probably heard it is commonly known that nutritional deficiency impairs the health of the body and partialy affects our brain functioning.

For normal neurological and brain functioning our body requires some important vitamins and minerals that have to be consumed with our food. Normally we get the important vitamins with our daily meals from regular food. Sometimes our body doesn't get all the important nutritions but we can avoid this by consuming more vitamins with special food additives or vitamin pills. Vitamins from Vitamin B group affect brain functioning, stress susceptibility, neurological transmissions and depression.

Several types of Vitamin B group are related to stress. Each Vitamin B deficiency has different effect on our mind and body: B1 deficieny helps with depression and weakness of nervous system; B2 is associated with nervous system disorders and provides a good ground for normal functioning of nervous system. B3 is essential for protein synthesis and for maintaining normal and healthy nervous system. Other Vitamin B deficiencies can also protect us against stress but this is not the only important vitamin group that we can use in our diet for stress relief.

Apart from Vitamin B we should consider that Vitamin C also contributes to stress reduction, since it ensures healthy immune system and therefore reduces stress susceptibility. Vitamin C is also associated with improving post-traumatic stress disorder and speeding up the healing process.

We have gone through some vitamins that help us to reduce stress, but there are also some everyday stimulants to the body that affect stress. Some most commonly consumed are: Caffeine, alcohol sugar, salt, fat and smoking. In order to have successful stress management diet you have to balance the input of „stress reducers“ (vitamins) and „stress producers“ (caffeine, alcohol …). Balance your meals properly and enter the path of relaxation easily.

I hope you find this article useful and informative. If you would like to know more feel free to read about some other stress relief techniques that might help you to reduce the stress.

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