Stress relief - Crying

We all know that crying can make us feel better. In fact Eighty-five percent of women say they are more relaxed after a good cry. This is just one of natural stress relief techniques, but you can also laugh, walk, run, yell and many other simple gestures that could relieve your stress. Who would believe that the best stress reliever is our body?

How does crying make you feel better?

When we are stressed our body is filled with chemicals that affect our mood and feelings. After a good cry our body releases those chemicals through tears and we become more relaxed. Emotional cry releases many protein-based hormones - leucine enkephalin (a natural painkiller) , prolactin and adrenocorticotropic hormone - that reduce our stress.

What is crying?

If you want to reduce your stress you have to really let it out. Pick a place where you will be left alone and have a good cry. Let the tears well up in your eyes and roll down your cheeks. Release those pent-up emotions inside, you know you'll feel better.

After a good cry you'll be in a better mood because crying helps you clear your mind. With crying you release those stressful emotions inside and start to see things more clearly. Afterwards your body is more relaxed and you become more concentrated. We all know that tough emotional decisions can be riddled with difficulty and hence very stressful.

This is just one of many stress relief techniques. If you do not want to cry, you could try some other techniques to reduce your stress.

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