Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD, is an anxiety disorder that usually develops after a person has gone through an extremely shocking or terrifying event, whether through physical harm or threats. PTSD may develop in every person that experienced something very stressful and unpleasant therefore it is cruical to recognize it's causes and symptoms in early stage to prevent further development of this anxiety disorder.

The disturbing event may vary, but common occasions that trigger PTSD are:

Post traumatic stress disorder symptoms usually include having difficulty sleeping, feeling separated from others and many times easily startled by noises and/or images. Someone with PTSD has frequent memories, better known as "flash backs" of the shocking experience they have undergone and feel frightened when this or something similar happens. It is kind of like experiencing stress, fear and depression all at the same time and one has to have great strenght to manage this pressure.

The sooner you notice if you or someone you know having these symptoms the better it is to quickly seek medical treatment. Treating PTSD quickly helps keep the symptoms from getting worse.

Once you see your doctor for a screening, the most common treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder involves medication and psychotherapy. These usually go together as the better help improve the persons well being by reducing the symptoms of PTSD. Successful treatments teach you how to handle your symptoms and be able to live a normal and tranquil life.