Stress test

Are you stressed but not quite sure how much? Did you ever try to reduce your stress but with no success. Here is a simple stress test that can get you started. First you have to know how stressed you are in order to apply the proper stress relief techniques for stress-less life.

Stress asessment can be done in several ways. First there are some clinical tests for individual stress asesssment, but this is not the only form of stress test, since it can also be asessed on informative level. This stress test that can provide you with basic knowledge about your stress. Test is simple, easy and most important it is free so it should be a good start for personal stress management plan.

Below you will find quick and easy test to asess the level of your stress.

Calculate your stress level

To find out how stressed you are you should mark the following statements truthfully. Put a check in the box for any characteristics that you think you have.
Stress level will be calculated from 20 statements that are specified below.

1. I frequently keep my thoughts for my self.

2. I frequently neglect my diet.

3. I frequently try to do everything by my self.

4. I frequently get easily irritated.

5. I frequently neglect my exercise.

6. I frequently seek unrealistic goals.

7. I frequently blow up easily.

8. I frequently complain that I'm disorganized.

9. I frequently make a big deal of everything.

10. I frequently fail to see the humor in situations others find funny.

11. I frequently blow up easily.

12. I frequently have few supportive relationships.

13. I frequently get angry when I am kept waiting.

14. I frequently put things off until later.

15. I frequently think there is only one right way to do something.

16. I frequently feel unable to cope with all I have to do.

Just a few more questions and you will find out your stress level.

17. I frequently get too little rest.

18. I frequently ignore stress symptoms.

19. I frequently race through the day.

20. I frequently fail to build relaxation into every day.

That is the end of the test. Press the button below to find out how stressed you are.