Stress Management Techniques

You ever wondered what are the best stress management techniques that could help every single individual? I personally think it is those that are easiest to put in practice. We all have the power to be our own stress managers, the techniques and practices are here and they could be managed easy, we just have to know them and utilize them wisely to reduce our stress.
I searched and found numerous stress management techniques, here are just a few of my favorites that I would recommend:

- Make sure you have everything ready for the next day. For example decide what will you eat in the morning, who will you call for a talk or pick where are you going tomorrow at night, and have your suitcase ready.

- Don’t trust yourself too much and become more organised. Everyone forgets things now and then it is completely natural. Keep a pocket book where you can write down appointments and important to-do things. You will realize how useful is self-organization.

- Prevent “why now!” moments, that can catch you by surprise. Keep a backup of house, food and car supplies.

- Waiting is normal. Whether on a grocery line, at the post office, waiting is part of life. Don’t worry, it will be your turn soon, avoid waiting or being in a rush by going 15 minutes earlier.

- I like this one: Whatever you want to do tomorrow, do today; whatever you want to do today, do it now.

- Get it fixed. If something that is broken is stressing you out, get it fixed! Many people stress out over things that can easily be replaced or fixed.

- Replace coffee, or at least slowly switch to decaf. Try natural drink in the morning, like juice or milk.

- Always say NO! To drugs of course and also to invitations or requests. If you can’t help just say no instead of being stressed out. Take some time out for yourself and try to relax.

- Streeeeetch your body, it feels good, and is a natural stress reliever.

- Breath deeply and slowly, it will help your body to relax.

- Keep a daily journal, writing down your thoughts and feelings is just as good as speaking them out loud to public.

- Talk it out, if you know someone you can trust, let them know what you are feeling and what are you rhinking, they might be able to help.

- Walk it out. It will do you good.

- Take a shower or hop into the tub and have a nice bath.

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