A Summary of the Relationship Between Stress and Student Productivity

Students undergo a lot of stress while they are at school. This stress comes from a combination of pressures from co-students and educators. The numerous workloads are just sometimes hard to bear and sometimes, stress becomes evident resulting to failing grades and remedial classes.
How stress affects student productivity is no longer a great wonder. It is a given that stress drives students to excel yet when left unmanaged, it can also ruin their lives. How to manage all the stress that they go through is a significant skill that they all should learn.

Lessened Productivity because of stress

Having study strategies can be smart but a student has first to realize how stress affects his school work. With much stress weighing down on his shoulders, and symptoms that come out of not being able to manage stress, he would soon realize that he is lagging behind on his school work.

Stress causes a lot of emotional turmoil which eventually affects a student’s general performance. The most common psychological manifestations of stress are:
  • Irritability—when a student becomes irritable, his relationships with this schoolmates, and even teachers, could be affected. This is one way of how stress affects student productivity.
  • Loss of concentration—when this happens, a student is less likely to memorize information that is needed on exams and he would not be able to fully participate with his colleagues.
  • Forgetfulness—this is the last thing any student would need. Being forgetful would mean not being able to recall necessary details or information that would answer important exams.
  • Depression—when a student is depressed, he is more likely to concentrate on his despair rather than on his projects and other school tasks. Also, depression is clearly manifested on the works of melancholic individuals—and these works are oftentimes sub-standard.
  • Disorganization—when a student becomes disorganized, he is not able to manage his schedule and his activities and all his work are jumbled. This is yet another way of how stress affects student productivity.
  • Anxiety—this condition is a prelude to more serious mental illnesses so a student would be well off without this disorder.

A Realization of stress impact on student

One great part of taking charge on how stress affects student productivity is to realize the time that they waste by not managing their schedules effectively. Time, by itself, cannot be managed but a person can manage the activities he sets on his available time and he can manage himself as well.

Disorganization, unclear objectives, disorganized processes, reading junk e-mails, answering personal phone calls, text messaging, surfing, this list could go on and on for all the clatter that clouds each student’s mind each day. Proper scheduling would suggest that some of these activities can be scheduled at a particular day in a week but never daily. These activities could be highly important to office workers and other professionals—but for a student (think again)?

Ever wondered how stress affects student productivity? Wonder no more for its effects can be enormous. It could begin by simply snagging away a few scores from exams here and there, then it would eventually develop into failed projects and low grades; and from there, its final destination is ripping away a degree that a student could have. Of course, these are dire ways to look at it but that is stress—it is negative, it is terrible and it can be unforgiving to those who don’t learn to deal with it.

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