Stress Balls

isokinetics stress balls
Isokinetics Hand Exercise Squeeze Ball - Round - 5 Resistance Levels

In the world today it is almost inevitable to avoid stress and this is evident by number of young people resorting to activities like doing drugs or committing suicide. If you are suffering from stress, you may have noticed that although there are many drugs out there, they have many side effects. These drugs also cost too much than the regular person can afford. To cater to these people, there are stress relief balls that are found in almost every shopping mall. These balls are round and the size of a golf ball. They can be easily grasped in your palms and comes in various shapes and colors. Due to their small size, they are easy to travel with and most people are fascinated with their unique shapes. The market has those that come in alien, animal and cartoon shapes to name a few.

Stress balls offer a psychological therapeutic value and this is achieved by causing distractions. When you hold a ball in each hand and start squeezing it, this takes your mind away from the stressor and in turn offers relief. This also tones the muscles of your hands and increases circulation in your blood stream. While travelling or queuing in a long line, playing with these balls can also help pass time or at times calm you down when angry.

Today big business companies are handing stress balls to their employees as a tokens. These are printed with the company logo and this reinforces brand recognition. Apart from relieving stress, these balls are handed to patients with diseases like arthritis. These patients suffer from bone loss and these stress balls help restore muscle strength. Whether you are travelling, in the house or simply meditating, these stress relief balls can be incorporated into your daily lifestyle. Take time a day to squeeze these balls for about 10 seconds and you two can reap its isometric benefits.

Check the list below for newest and most popular Stress Balls

Chinese stress balls are a part of the ancient Chinese cures. They are made from metal and emit a pleasant sounding jingle when clanged together. They enhance energy flow through the blood and stimulate the various acupuncture points. Best for hypertension and stress-related problems. Available at Asian and Chinese stores.
Porcupine massage balls are superb massage balls that provide almost instant relief for stiff necks, strained shoulders-muscles, back aches and other orthopedic problems. They have several projections that stimulate activity in the affected area. Attractively made, they are very safe for use by kids and elders alike.
Grip balls are soft, smooth and spongy and can be easily held in the palms. They come in lively colours and are loved by kids. They come with added accessories like straps to aide in easing stress and they also serve as excellent play-things. They are extensively found in most common stores and online.
Miracle stress balls are useful for curing muscle spasms, neck spasms, muscle knots, stiffness and soreness, tensed-neck syndrome, joint pains, sprains and other orthopedic problems. They must be alternated with breathing exercises for best results. Improves oxygen flow and blood circulation.
Atomic stress ball are useful aides for busting stress and beating boredom too. They come in attractive colours and are completely easy on the palms. They help maintain the activeness of muscles and helps keep limbs and fingers nimble. For use by any age group, made from completely non-hazardous material.

Stress Balls are useful aid in personal stress management efforts. Squeeze them, throw them, bust them and you will see how relieved you will become. Using Stress balls is unique and affordable way to reduce stress instantly. They are small and can be carried in a pocket or in a small bag so you can take them almost anywhere. Start reducing your stress now and find the most suitable stress ball for easy stress relief.