How to Avoid Student Stress?

Stress can affect student in a positive or negative way. One can become more productive and motivated if under stress as long as the stress is normal.

For student that has a regular exams and college activities, normal level of stress is expected and welcomed because it makes one continue to perform it's tasks and obligations. But when student becomes too stressed the result will be inverted and it's college performance reduced. It is important for students to realize what is student stress and how can it be avoided when studying in college.
Tips on Keeping up with Schoolwork

  1. The best way to beat student stress is to have a break. Sometimes, it pays to be away from it all even just for a few minutes. Also, a 15-minute walk and a good night’s sleep would do the trick.
  2. Eat a balanced diet and shun all unhealthy substances like alcohol, tobacco and even caffeine. Exercising is a good alternative to drinking a cup of coffee each morning. Endorphins are natural uppers which would help a student tackle any late-night reviews.
  3. Spend time to talk with someone about the stresses of student life. A close friend or family member would be a good person to spill all your dilemmas on.
  4. Take extra-curricular activities that are fun. Join sign language courses or chess clubs (if these are your favored things to do). In addition to such activities, you could also do some volunteer work. This type of work relaxes the senses as you are able to help others.
  5. Learn to manage time by setting priorities and keeping a schedule. You could begin doing this by getting a daily planner.
  6. Learn to say no—sometimes student stress comes doing things that you are asked to do but you don’t want to do.
  7. Take charge of your stress by finding out all about the causes of stress. You can counter negative feelings by learning new skills or even some ways to deal with them.
Remember that life is too precious and it is not to be spent all on school work. You have a life to live so don’t let student stress get in the way. Besides, a degree and a career are both on their way and these incur more stress in the future. Learn to deal with it now while you are still at school.