Causes Of Stress At Work

There are many causes for stress at work and you would not believe how many factors can affect your work performance. Perhaps this is the reason that for many people “stress” has become synonymous with “work.”

The key to successful business is strategic stress management at work that helps to increase happiness and motivation of employees. Employees and managers have to know the causes of stress at work in order to successfully reduce it and boost morale in the workplace.

There are just so many causes of job stress that it is hard to name them all.
Below you will find comprehensive list of possible stress causes in the workplace that are divided into groups by type of job stressor.

Common work factors

  • Excessive workload.
  • Not enough rest or lunch breaks.
  • Unimportant and meaningless tasks.
  • Long working time and low payment.
  • Unreasonable demands from managers or employers.

Relationships in workplace

  • Workplace Bullying or harassment.
  • Distant, unreachable supervisors.
  • Poor performance from co-workers.
  • Conflicts and competition among staff.
  • Time spent away from family.

Workplace environment

  • New technology
  • Noise and overcrowding.
  • Poor air quality.
  • Health risks (toxic chemicals).
  • Safety risks (heavy equipment).

Organizational practices

  • Conflicting job demands.
  • Multiple supervisors.
  • Lack of individual autonomy and cooperation in decision-making.
  • Inefficient interpersonal communication.

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