Stress At Work

Employers should recognize stress at workplace as serious problem because it reduces productivity, affects employees well-being and places greater pressure on individual. Stress at workplace is not a new phenomenon but its recognition has vastly increased in recent years and affected companies throughout the globe.

Employers should support stress management at work since it is important factor that helps both employees and managers to reduce their job stress. They should also try to avoid possible stressors and provide relaxing work environment for their staff and themselves.

Effective stress management can increase productivity, reduce pressure on employees and improve work performance.

What is stress at work?

We are stressed our whole life but it is only sometimes that stress reaches high levels that negatively affect our functioning. Everyday stress helps us to meet deadlines, increase productivity, arrange meetings with new clients or improve our work motivation in general. This type of stress is normal and allows people to develop new skills, acquire new knowledge, and possibly improve their careers. When individual is constantly stressed and cannot relax the line is crossed and normal stress becomes excessive. This change can trigger emotional and physical responses that are harmful to employees and bussineses, therefore it should be avoided if possible.

How does stress affect people at work?

It reduces productivity of the employees, their motivation and team work. Stressed employee will be less communicative and unsusceptible to new tasks. His motivation will be battered and his productivity reduced. Stress at workplace will not only affect his work performance but also his personal life. This can lead to even further reduction of work productivity and can result in quitting the job in the worse case scenario it could even affect the health of people that are seriously stressed. know that key to successful business is healthy and satisfied employees or co-workers.

It is important for managers and staff work hand in hand when approaching stress management. Only cooperation of all involved individuals in company or business can result in proper utlisation of stress management techniques for successful stress reduction.