Tips to manage stress before the exams

Think of passing the exam not failing it. Face the chalenge you are confronting and surpress the fear of possible failure. There are many ways to improve your studying and reduce the stress before exams.

Rationaly analyze the situation you are faced with
Take a pen and piece of paper and write down all that is bothering you, everything that stresses you in current situation. Think of the problems that you wrote down and try to find solution for each problem on your list. Then relax a little and go through your problems with your friends, relatives or professors to confront with fear and clear the doubts you have.

Wisely face the exams and forget about the possible failure
  • Create a study schedule and hold to it
  • Get the neccessary literature for the exam
  • Prepare your self well for the examination
  • Study with your friends and revise your knowledge
  • Try to explain what you have learned to your friends and check if you understood the topic properly. If you are unable to explain what you have learned then clearly you have to study more
Imagine and overcome your stressors
Try to visualy imagine things that bother you. In your mind try to pu your self in the exam room and visualise the exams, when you „see” the problem you are faced with you become more familiar with it and it becomes less stressing. If you overcome your fear in your mind you can successfuly do it in reality as well.

Try relaxation techniques that might help you reduce exam stress
  • Practice slow and constant breathing which will help you to stay calm
  • Go for a walk or a short recreation to release the pressure out of your body
  • Every day take some time for short exercise and relaxation
  • Try to think clearly about your objectives and how will you achieve them
  • Sleep well and make sure you rest enough

And remember the most important thing is to be organized with realistic schedule and to believe in your knowledge and skills. If you succeed in doing this exam stress will be reduced instantly.

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