Student Stress when developing in a future professional

Almost every student has experienced uncomfortable and stressful situation while studying. Not only students, almost everyone is confronted with stress on a daily basis. Before one gets to the university it doesn't realise how stressful it will be. Before starting university the main reasons for worries and stress are those conected with ones social calendar and social activities. But during studies this drasticly changes and student is lucky if he even finds one day in a week to go out and have fun with friends.

The drastic change in persons mentality occurs when it comes to the realization that teenage years are over and that we need to „grow up” start a real life with all the responsibilities that come with it. We have to find a job to repay our student debts and secure the finances for future life. Money and time are needed to project our image as a strong professional but before we have to solve the rent problem and finish our studies, therefore as a student we have to sacrify our social life for work and studies.

How to cope with student stress?

  1. Keep positive – Never think in negative way and forget about depressing questions what if and why me, rather start thinking how can you resolve the problem and move forward.
  2. Get some personal time – Working all the time will only get you exhausted and stressed therefore it is important that you get some personal time. Do something for your self once a day or once a week, meet friends, watch a movie, enjoy quiet evening with your partner or do some sports. This will reduce stress and increase your productivity.
  3. Escape the routine – It is hard to get successful without taking a risk. How do you think a person gets a good, well paid job? You have to take a risk and be aware that there is always a chance that you do not get a job or the position you were assigned too you doesn't satisfy you, but you have to try, otherwise you may regret later. You have to grab every opportunity you get.
  4. Find a way to relax – Think of something that will help you relax, something you like and enjoy doing. You could do some recreation, like taking a run, going for a walk or playing your favorite sports. Others relax with singing, yoga, dancing or just talking to their close ones. Whatever you choose, make sure you do it regulary. Take a break and prevent possible breakdown.
  5. Think ahead – Always try to set up a goal and plan activities in advance. Set the priorities and move forward to your goals. Do not loath in the past, move forward and achieve what you want.
When trying to reduce student stress we have to be aware of several factors that increase the level of our stress as well as consequences of stress on student productivity. But before you try to reduce student stress you should know What is student stress and how to manage it.