Tips to manage stress during the exams

First important thing is to be concentrated. When you are in a classroom with exam sheet on your table you should stay calm, it is important not to be stressed even before we see what knowledge is needed to pass the exam. Of course this is only the first step when reducing exam stress. In order to be successful you have to perform several other tasks that will help you relieve stress.

Control your breathing by making sure you do not breath to fast or grasp for air, you have to control your breathing in consious way. Calm and controle breathing is oftenly used when trying to cope with stressful situations.

Think positive and confront the chalenge rationaly without thinking of failure

Always keep your goal and successful outcome in your mind

When you are answering the questions try to concentrate on the ones that you answer easily. First anwer all the easier questions and leave the hard ones for later otherwise you might loose time.

When your pressure is rissing or you get a sense of anxiety make sure you control and slow down your breathing. Try to make deep breaths and control the amount of inhaled and exhaled air. When you are exaling imagine that you are getting stress out of your body.

Make sure you are aware of the time you have for exam otherwise it might happen that you will be at the middle of finishing your exam and only five minutes are left to the end of the examination.

But remember all those tips will only help you reduce stress, to pass the exam you have to be prepared and equipped with proper knowledge.

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