Grip Stress Balls

Grip balls are modern versions of the several stress balls that have originated in the ancient pockets of the world. They are the most common stress balls that are found easily in the market and they are definite finds into the collection of fitness freaks. You would always found these grip balls lying around in gyms and fitness as they can be used as perfect fillers between two exercise rigours. At the same time, these balls give almost as equal benefit as hard and heavy weights on the energy flow and blood circulation in the body.

The grip balls look spongy and feel very smooth and soft. They come in various colours and are very attractive to little kids who can use it safely as play things. For use as health balls, they have to be gripped by both palms and must be worked upon by them in slow and steady massage patterns. The press and release method must be used to flex all the muscle-related tissues in the palm and fingers. The grip balls are good stress balls as they relieve the pressure through this press and release cycle and ease the stress building up in the mind.

The grip stress balls are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort to the fingers and they help in developing finger strength. They can be easily clutched by the palm as they are basically made of non-slipping texture and a soft top layer. As accessories, they come with straps that can fixed with the balls to provide a more secure and firm stress-relieving experience. The grip stress balls are also excellent fun when used in picnics and provide good entertainment to the young and old alike.

The cons of these grip balls are that few of them easily split due to extensive or hard use. These stress balls are sold almost everywhere, including on websites like They are averagely priced at around $7.

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