Chinese Stress Balls

Chinese Stress Balls are one of the three legendary treasures of Baoding, China. In local China, they are referred to as “Miracle Balls”. They have been found in history since the Ming Dynasty (late 1300s) ruled China and when the handicrafts and other traditional industries flourished under them. They are China’s most time-honored products that have never ceased to cure and give therapeutic relief to ailing people in every part of the world. They relieve stress gently and have other proprietary cures for problems relating to blood circulation, and orthopedic maladies like arthritis and rheumatism.

The Chinese stress balls come predominantly in the size of an average golf ball. They always come in pairs and are made of colored metal, mostly of old China colours. Most of these Chinese stress balls emit metallic sounds with a rhythm when clanged together. These balls are meant to be held by both the palms simultaneously and rotated in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions alternatively. They give best results when the pleasant sounds that are emitted from the hollow balls are made to tune into a certain rhythm.

These health balls have intricate designs painted on them and are pretty sights even in the showcase. Their chiming can also be used as an excellent enhancement for a profound meditation experience. When these metal balls are rolled and handled, it stimulates the various acupuncture points on the palm that in turn passes the healing effects on to the various organs of the body that the nerves reach starting from the fingers through the cranium. It enhances a smooth energy flow through the body and can be used as a cure for hypertension.

The Chinese stress balls can be found in any Asian stores, particularly Chinese ones and are usually priced between $5 - $10, and for special Chinese Ball Sets ranging over $15. They are also sold on several online sources including our online store.