How to Make Stress Balls?

Before explaining how to make stress balls we have to take some time to explain stress and it's causes. Stress is a word which gained importance as a medical attribute only recently. It is a cost many humans incur to comply with the demands of today’s dog-eat-dog world.

There are several causes that can be listed out for stress. These include: Problems in relationships, health problems weighing down on the mental set up as well, work-related pressure and tensions, non-performance and insecurity, etc. Apart from these, even trivial issues like traffic jams might irritate your nerves enough to cause stress.

For most of these, in fact, for all of these causes, it would be excellent if you had a home-made cure that was relieving as well as entertaining. No prizes for guessing, of course you need these amazing stress balls.

The procedure for making stress balls

Here is a simple how-to-do for making stress balls and seeing all kinds of stress mix with the non-existent!

All that you probably need for making a stress ball at home are:-
A small balloon (do not get a water balloon as they do not serve the purpose), an equally small funnel, cornstarch, tying ribbon or thread, stickers & colours (if you were stubborn on making vibrant stress balls).

Here is the procedure:-
  1. Pick up the balloon and blow some air into it until its middle is about 5-inches around. Do not tie it or twist the top.
  2. Measure about an inch below the hole on the top and pinch it with your fingers.
  3. Pick up the funnel and insert it into the hole and make the balloon’s top snap-shut on the bottom of the funnel.
  4. Fill the funnel with cornstarch.
  5. Slowly loosen your fingers to let the cornstarch move into the balloon through its top.
  6. Keep adding the cornstarch until the balloon is filled upto around 3 inches from bottom.
  7. Tighten up the top of the balloon and squeeze any extra air if you sense it.
  8. Weigh down and tie the thread around the balloon as close to the brim of the cornstarch as you can.
  9. Fire your imagination, let it soar and use the stickers and colours to fuel your drive to make your stress ball vibrant and colorful.
Your home-made stress reliever ball is ready! You can make any number of such balls as and when they get redundant and that too, do it for almost free of cost!

Here is some useful advice that might help you make more effective stress balls in easier ways. While tying the thread around the balloon, make sure the balloon is stiff enough to stay whole while rolling it over the body and loose enough not to further strain any part of the body. Also, while adding the cornstarch, you might need to put some pressure or keep tapping the top of the balloon to ensure adequate amounts of it slip into the balloon. Stress balls are easier to make with 20 fingers, rather than 10.

So go ahead, cut the stress out at its root with this home-made recipe!