Eustress – Stress with positive effects

For many people the term stress has negative meaning but most of us all unaware that also stress affects us positively. This positive type of stress is surprisingly healthy for our body.

Eustress positively affect our activities, it is a type of short-term stress that increases our primary strenght. Eustress is affecting us at times of creativity, physical activity or excitement and acts as a support for our motivation and inspiration.

This positive stress helps individual in increased motivation and inspiration to finish ceartain project or creative thinking when completing a task.

Characteristic of Positive stress – Eustress

As we have seen by now not all types of stress have negative effects, actually eustress is quite opposite and affects us in a good way. Vast number of negative feelings like pain, suffering, anger or anxiety are linked and associate with negative Distress, that is why stress usually has negative meaning. That is why positive effects of stress are commonly neglected and unnoticed though it helps us greatly in inspiration and motivation when completing our tasks.

Positive stress is also an excellent way of initiating the invention and problem solving process by providing more creative solutions. It helps us to overcome the problems when we need to adjust to the stressful changes in our life. Many solutions and finished tasks were achieved when person was positively stressed. Positive stress helps individuals to change their daily routine, respond to threatening situations, change of lifestyle, employment or moving to other residence. Actually the positive stress is something that is good, productive and effective when confornted with certain chalenge.

Most of all we have to remember that stress also has positive effects and this should not be ignored when we are trying to understand stress.