Different Types of Stress
Positive and Negative Stress

Firs of all it is good to know that stress is not only negative but it can also be positive and positively affect individual. Our lives are almost daily affected by both types of stress. Positive stress is called Eustress while negative is named Distress.

This kind of stress positively affect our activities, it is a type of short-term stress that increases our immediate strenght. Eustress is affecting us at times of creativity, physical activity, enthusiasm or excitement. This positive stress aids individual in motivation and inspiration to finish ceartain project or creative thinking when compleeting a task. Eustress is present almost everywhere that inspiration or motivation are required. For athlet this stress arises before the competition, for some it may arise during a joy ride on rollercoaster, for others it may arise when watching exciting movie.

Negative stress arises because our normal routine is constantly altered and adjusted, while we try to adapt to new situation we are faced with distress. Ditress usually causes feelings of discomfort, anxiety and unfamiliarity. We are faced with distress when we are in the new workplace and we didn't adjust to the situation yet.

We can divide distress further in two types of stress. First type is Acute stress and it is short-term stress that intensifies and dissapears quickly. Other more severe type of distress is Chronic stress that i long-term stress that can exist for weeks, months or in worst case even years.Chronic stress is a prolonged stress that exists for weeks, months, or even years. Someone that constantly moves or changes job is often faced with chronic stress that evolved from constant change in routine.

Individuals that are over-working or pushed beyond their capabilities are often faced with hyperstress. When someone is hyperstressed, his tolerance to stressful situation is lowered and even the smallest things can irritate him and stimulate forceful emotional response.

Hypostress developes in situations when individual is bored, doesn't face a challenge and lacks enthusiasm. It is the opposite of Hyperstress mentioned above. Individuals that face hyostress are constantly uninspired and spiritless. Worker in a factory that has repetitive routine might become Hypostressed.