Stress reducer desktop destroyer

Playing tips for this amazing stress busting game

    How to start playing this stress reducing game
  1. Open program (no installation required).
  2. Choose your favourite weapon by pressing keyboard number 1-9 (each representing special weapon) and start destroying your desktop. Here is the list of weapons in stress reducer.
  3. By pressing the left mouse button initiate action (shooting, burning, smashing, cracking, …)
  4. By pressing the right button you open weapon list where you can select alternative weapon.
  5. 1.Press ESC to quit the game

    Ideas for playing Stress Reducer desktop destroyer
  1. Open the document of your work, project or something that is bothering you and giving you headaches constantly. Then open the game and use several weapons to visually destroy this project.
  2. Open the image of person, celebrity or someone you disslike and kick the hell out of this image. Remember it is better to release your stress with this game than actually hurting the person in reality.
  3. Open the game and destroy your desktop and all the folders, images and documents that are on it.
  4. You can also reduce stress by opening a movie, cartoon or some videogame and use several weapons to destroy the things that disturb you most.

Well here was our short list of ideas for usage of desktop destroyer stress reducer. We are aware that game provides many other possibilities that will help your stress reduction therefore do not delay any longer, download the stress reducer game and play it for free.

Download Stress Reducer Desktop Destroyer