How To Exercise With Stress Relief Balls

You many have heard that there are certain balls in the market that effectively relieve stress. These balls are small and can fit in your pocket. They come in various shapes and give you the option to get rid of stress while you are seated, sleeping or watching TV. The original forms of balls came from china during the Ming Dynasty and were made of metal. The modern ones serve the same purpose and are portable. You may be wondering how to exercise with stress relief balls.

Before you can start using the balls, remember your aim is to exercise the muscles of your hand while spinning the ball. Next is to take the ball and place either one or two in one hand depending on how many you can handle. While they are in place, try to move the ball in a certain direction of choice. It could be either clockwise or anti-clockwise with the use of your fingers as well. When done spinning the ball in one direction change go ahead and reverse the spin to the opposite direction.

You will notice that it takes effort and your muscles will get tired with time. The more spins you will make the more muscles you will use. Next is to try and spin the balls and make sure they do not touch each other. You can consider doing one move for about 5 minutes then changing to another. If you read most books on how to exercise with stress relief balls you will learn more techniques which you can add to your routine.

The ones mentioned are basic and can be done while you jog, do your yoga or other daily exercises. There are stores that sell these balls together with a small how to exercise with stress relief balls booklet. For beginners you might consider getting this handy booklet.